Evolving with their global consumers, companies as well as brands, have moved on from being stagnant entities on social media sites and have figured out that using these sites to solve customer problems is in numerous ways both beneficial as well as vital

Three of the promotional programs on this list have an philanthropic aspect behind their campaigns, anywhere from donating $500,000 each to 20 schools to raising funds for the “Make A Wish Foundation” for number of likes.

The promotional goals for each Facebook page varies from simply raising brand awareness whether it involve the company’s image, practices, or core beliefs or just increasing their fan count to their Facebook page seems to top the list as brands have figured out very quickly that the ability to communicate with 1,000′s or even millions of fans in real time is not something to take lightly. As a result of this social media account managers increasingly more relevant in company infrastructure as brands realize the message that they post, tweet, pin, etc. has to be carefully crafted so as to to best reach as many of the differing types of consumers as possible.  These consumers, companies have also stumbled on the fact that people’s main reason for becoming liking/following/repinning for the most part was not so morally motivated, as these consumers listed access to the latest special offers and freebies as their main motivation.